You heard about the PRE events of just about any messenger event in recent history, hell, we even had PRE-PRE events happening and surely, some summers can feel like a neverending cycle of chistole.  This year we thought we could add some more juice to the mix and came up with something innovative to add to our favourite annual get-togethers. We called it POSTCMC. Some might say that is only logical and we would totally agree.

Moreover, since Bremen is not exactly next door to Berlin, we would very much like to invite all of you to join us on a 4 day groupride via 3 beautiful camping spots. The Ride is set to arrive just in time for the festivities to begin on Friday, with an added suprise thrown in at the meetup on Friday in Berlin. 

What you get:

4 days of up-to-you chistole levels, 3 great spots to set up your hammock or tent, a well known kitchen-on-wheels carrying your messy messenger bags and providing us with the opportunity to cook where we camp, totally well rounded route design and ultimately quite possibly the best way to spend your early june.

What we need from you now: 

Please fill the registration form to register for the ride and/or the post event in Berlin, and dont forget to tick the box about your housing needs.

We need these infos to get a good understanding of how many people will actually join the ride and furthermore, how many people we will have to put up in housing (notwithstanding that we do plan to make it possible for late-birds to decide as late as in Bremen wether to join for the ride or just berlin or both).

Things we are currently still working on:

Housing. At the actual point we have absolutely no idea how many of you lovelies will turn up for this and thus cant really predict well enough what sort of housing we should organize. Our premise is that all of you will most definitely have a cozy bed or bunk and a roof over your head. There are several options that we already have secured and in all honesty we would probably all want to host you in our apartments, but until we have a better understanding of the numbers, we cant make a decision of where to put you.

PostCMC & Pandemic:

The pandemic is not expected to be over by June. We also want to remain fair and supportive to vulnerable groups. Therefore, we have decided to implement the 2G rule.  This stands for recovered (german: genesen) OR vaccinated (german: geimpft). With the registration you accept this condition. Thank you for your understanding!

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