PostCMC - Stage 1

Our first day is also our longest day! With around 140km from Bremen to our first sleeping spot you will take a big step forward on our journey to Berlin.

We will ride most of the time on small and quite tarmac roads trough little villages byside. The supply sitatuion along our route will be good. After round about the half way we will pass the "Lüneburger Heide". When you arrive at our first sleeping spot you will find a imbiss, some food markets. Please take some coins with you. The first evening is the only one without our own kitchen.

Hang your hammock between some trees or put up your tent.


PostCMC - Stage 2

Our second ride will be much shorter. Relax your legs and calm down from the past efforts and have a easy ride to our second destination. (72km) Again you will find a lot of small roads trough the northern german villages.

But wait, you feel strong enough for another adventure? We have prepared a second route for you. The route is only a few kilometes longer. But these kilometers are on loose ground! Bring enough water and beverages. You will be rewarded with some nice trails trough the nature! :)

Our destination is on private ground. We will take care of your hunger with our mobile kitchen.



PostCMC - Stage 3

Day will start as usual with some breakfast for you. Today we want to go for 104km.

We will pass the Elbe-river after a few hours with a ferry. From there it's only a short ride to the most darkest place in germany. That means we will hopefully see a lot of stars!

That means also we are in the middle of nowhere. The supply situation is bad. But our mobile kitchen will safe us.

PostCMC - Stage 4

Enjoy the last hours in these beautifull nature. After round about 60km we will enter the outer city circle. After further 40km we will find us back in the center of Berlin. You will have the chance to climb up the Drachenberg before to find a overwatch over the city.

Our first destination will be the crow-courier-nest. This will be also our info-point in Berlin. From there you will find the possibility to enter your sleeping spot in Berlin and start into the party-weekend! :)

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